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Student Life

Student Life at Southpointe is welcoming, inspiring, fun, and inclusive.

It fosters friendships, en勇气s celebrations, and creates opportunities for our students to connect across all grades. Building relationships begins the moment we welcome our new families to Southpointe through our Buddy Programme and continues throughout each school year. We continue building connections with our Kindergarten & Grade 12 buddies, Grade 1 & Grade 10 reading partners, Grade 5 recess leaders, and Southpointe Island Program. 

Our Island Program designates all students and 工作人员 from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to an Island Team with the purpose of creating camaraderie, engaging students in school spirit, and providing opportunities for leadership and teamwork. We en勇气 participation in all various clubs, activities, and service-learning initiatives available; when graduation approaches, our students are kind and responsible citizens who are partners in the Southpointe community for life.



Prefects & Student Council

Being selected as a Prefect is viewed as the pinnacle of student leadership at Southpointe. Prefects lead the student representatives who form the Student Councils in Grades 6-9 and 10-12 and work alongside the two student life coordinators representing the Junior School and Middle & Senior School.

Prefects enrich the school and student life by providing leadership to Southpointe students, speaking at ceremonies, and organizing various events such as student dances and school-wide initiatives. Prefects also assist the faculty, 工作人员, and students in the daily operation of the school by performing duties, supervising activities, maintaining standards, and setting a positive example for other students.

Titan Athletics Program

Our athletic programming helps student-athletes from Grades 3 to 12 develop intrinsic motivation, responsibility, teamwork, leadership skills & 勇气.

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俱乐部 & Co-Curriculars

Through experiences outside of the classroom, our students continue growing their IB education & gain leadership, communication & collaboration skills while exploring an array of interests.

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The Hodgins Library

A place of calm & 焦点. Our open library space is commonly used for classroom research, independent study, & reading.

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Student Support

Our inclusive school community understands that each young mind possesses unique characteristics that we hope to develop & strengthen through our Student Support Program which provides academic & social-emotional learning support.

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Experience Southpointe’s world leading K-12 IB education. Learn more about our school & applying by joining us for a Tour or Open House! Click to learn more.

Visit Southpointe

See what a day at Southpointe looks like for our students. Join us for a personal tour of our innovative campus or attend an Open House. Click to learn more.

University Counselling

Students are supported from Grade 9 to Graduation with class selections, university planning & developing the skills to achieve their post-secondary & career goals. Click to learn more.